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General Athletic Association

G.A.A. Mission Statement 

The Generals Athletic Association (GAA) is a private, nonprofit association dedicated to supporting Louisiana State University Alexandria (LSUA) and its athletic program.  GAA is administered by its own board of directors, comprised of GAA donors, which meets monthly.  Officers of the association are elected annually. This mission statement introduces the opportunities that exist for participation in the work being carried out by GAA and the many opportunities that exist for participation as a Generals fan and supporter of a great institution of higher learning.

The GAA' s mission is clear - to lead the university in building a comprehensively superior athletic program.

Contributions to GAA benefit every athlete and every team at LSUA through scholarship and academic awards, as well as through the construction and maintenance of athletic facilities. These projects, large and small, chart an unmistakable course to excellence. And it is this shared vision of excellence by the alumni and friends that is making the future success of the LSUA Generals a reality.

Your donation assists GAA in its support for LSUA athletics in the following ways:

  • Funding the construction and renovation of facilities and the purchase of equipment to provide General student-athletes with the best possible opportunity to compete at a national level.
  • Funding support for facilities and programs to enhance the academic opportunities for student/athletes.
  • Attracting top quality student athletes to LSUA.

Please consider becoming a member of GAA and joining us on this historical and unprecedented journey.